What Are Investment Property Lenders and How to Find Them?

Investment property lenders are generally property lenders that loan you money when investing in property.

These lenders are better known as hard money lenders or private lenders.

Let me explain the difference between the two.

Hard money lenders usually are private lending institutions that will loan on investment property only. Which means you’ll be buying an investment property of sorts.

However, most hard money lenders will only loan you money for a short period of time.

It’s more than likely you’ll be using these types of loans for your real estate flips.

With that being said here are some of the fee’s you can expect to pay for hard money. Typically, these types of lenders will charge anywhere from 3 to 9 points plus your closing and repair costs upfront. Also, expect to pay a 10 to 15% interest rate for your loan.

It sounds expensive; I know but think about it for one second. If you’re going to be buying a property as a real estate flip, paying 10 to 15% interest for a loan that you received without any credit checks, is really not that bad.

Once you have established a relationship and have proved yourself with your lender you can negotiate for a much better rate and you can also try to roll over payments into the loan.

You can find a hard money-lender by conducting a search on the internet by simply typing in your city of choice followed by the word hard money lenders.

Another great way to find a loan on investment property is the use private lenders.

Private lenders can be just about anyone with capital to invest. There great because you can offer a safe, secure, guaranteed investment with returns of 8 to 15% and you don’t have to pay any points up front.

Having private lenders on your side can be a win, win for all parties involved.

Here are some helpful hints as to where to find private money lenders.

The first thing you must do is ask yourself “who do I know?”

Do you go to the doctors?

Do you go to the dentist?

Do you have an attorney?

Do you know someone in upper management?

These are just a couple of helpful ways to get you thinking about important people you might know.

Build a strong relationship with your investment property lenders and you’ll never have a problem getting an investment property loan.

Lanzarote Hotels – Travel Accommodation For the More Discerning Visitor

In the earlier days of holiday travel you had no choice in reality but to leave the arrangement of almost all trips abroad to the high street travel agents. Package tours where pretty much the only real choice for those on a budget but it did open the world of travel to families who would only ever have been able to afford holidays in their own country, much to the consternation of the local tourist boards and authorities.

The travelling public welcomed all be it a bit tentatively at first online travel sites but nowadays The Internet has made it easy for tourists to eschew the services of travel agents and tour operators and book their own breaks direct online. This has led to a massive upsurge in independent travel to popular holiday destinations such as Lanzarote in the Canary Islands even though tourists had been enjoying the year round warm climate for decades before.

Even though Lanzarote was synonymous with package tourism during the 1980´s fortunately the days of Club 18-30 and full English breakfasts all round are long gone as the island also offers a good selection of more upmarket alternatives these days.

Whilst some tourists prefer the do it yourself type of holiday break many others prefer hotel accommodation and see their annual break as the ultimate relaxation experience and the last thing on their mind is cooking their own meals or staying in apartment complexes.

On Lanzarote for example the availability of hotel accommodation has grown and there are now six good quality 5 star hotels for the discerning visitor to choose from. With the Sol Melia group boasting two of these establishments. One, the Gran Melia Volcan is located in Playa Blanca which basks in the sun on the south of the island adjacent to the Rubicon Marina. Whilst the other, the chains flagship on the island, the Gran Melia Salinas hotel is situated in the pleasant resort of Costa Teguise.

The Arrecife Gran Hotel is located in the island capital of Arrecife and occupies the only high rise building on the island which is highly unusual given the islands planning laws. When originally constructed the building was in contravention of island planning laws during the 1980s and as a result lay vacant and derelict for many years as it was simply not worthwhile for developers to pay for demolition.

The building continued to remain an eyesore for many years but eventually the island government relented and in the interest of local aesthetics decided to allow the building to be transformed into a smart 5 star hotel. Guests at the hotel are lucky to be able to enjoy fantastic views across Lanzarote from the 17th floor roof top restaurant.

Playa Blanca also has an excellent range of four-star hotels lining the picturesque shoreline of the resort. Prices are very reasonable and some rooms enjoy great views across the water to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura which has been home to many filming crews over the years due to the stunning beaches the island is most widely known for.

Play Blanca’s hotels tend to be particularly popular for visitors during the winter months, as the resort boasts the best weather the island has to offer during the coolest months of the year unlike the north of the island which is often covered in cloud which does feel a bit damp especially in the early morning and towards the end of the day.

So if you are looking for a relaxing hotel hotel experience that will not break the bank, make sure that the island of Lanzarote is high on your shortlist of possible destinations.

Mumbai Resorts – Best Weekend Retreats To Escape From the Busy Schedule

A retreat from pollution and deadlines is important for releasing stress. At the same time, going for long holidays can consume your precious time. In addition, some holiday destinations prove to be equally chaotic. However, there are resorts just few kilometers away from Mumbai that are secluded and serene.

It is unbelievable that there is such peace and tranquility so close to Mumbai. The destination and activities you choose can depend on whom you are going with. If children are going with you, then their interests will have to be considered. If only couples are going, a romantic destination may be a better idea. For the solitary traveler the choice is unlimited. There is nothing more relaxing than a weekend of fun with friends. With Mumbai resorts, you can take part in multiple activities.

Many resorts offer packages based on the season and the kinds of guests expected. There are also special packages for honeymooners. If you do some research online before making reservations, the experience will be worthwhile. These packages can result in huge savings; especially if traveling in a group. Moreover, you need to be sure that the resort you choose is not overcrowded.

If beaches are your first choice, skip the more popular ones. They are bound to be overcrowded. Instead, first research online about the beach resorts. Choose the one that is slightly off track. It is here that you will find the much-needed peace. You will find yourself getting up fresh and early to the sounds of nature.

Many Mumbai resorts offer organized adventure sports packages too. Hence, if you spend most of your weekdays cooped up in office, you will love the new experience. On the other hand, there are people whose work always has them on the go. For such people just relaxing inside the resort is a welcome experience. Use all amenities like the spa, swimming pool and indoor games while surrounded by natural beauty. There are discotheques too in many resorts for fun evenings.

All good resorts are spread over wide areas providing ample opportunities for solitary walks. Breathe in the clean air and admire the flora. Staying in such clean and serene surroundings even for two days will refresh you. You can enjoy complete calm for two days without worrying about wasting time in travel.

Resorts near Mumbai are well located to be easily accessible. The distance ranges from 15 kilometers to 150 kilometers and more. Mumbai has both budget oriented and luxurious resorts. The choice is up to you.